Kevin W. Putala, Rebuilding after 55

After almost 40 years of studying, practicing, and teaching martial arts and trying to stay fit, I was knocked back down to zero in 2023.  I underwent two total knee replacement surgeries, one on August 7th and the second on November 28th.  At 59 years old I am learning to walk properly again after limping for so long, rebuilding the strength and muscle lost from surgery, and relearning all of the martial arts from square one.

Going forward I will be adapting and evolving my workouts and Karate to find my own way, according to my new abilities and limitations.  It will be a long road, but quitting is not an option, neither is just sitting around doing nothing.

I will share this journey with you in the hope that it can motivate, educate, inspire, and encourage you in some small way.  Stay tuned, the journey continues!